Matt Smith was born, Matthew Robert Smith on 28th October 1982 in Northampton, England, the youngest of two children. He attended Northampton School for Boys where he was Head Boy. He originally wanted to be a footballer and played for the youth teams of Northampton Town F.C., Nottingham Forest F.C. and Leicester City F.C. However, he had to give up football after a serious back injury.

A drama teacher at his school tried to introduce him to acting; Matt was cast - allegdly without telling him - in an adaptation of Twelve Angry Men, and later invited to a drama festival; he declined because as a footballer, he thought "acting wasn't that cool". His teacher persisted and convinced him to join the National Youth Theatre.

After leaving school, Matt studied drama and creative writing at the University of East Anglia. He was already being in professional acting roles, however, and he was able to seek an agreement with his university so that he could graduate without attending lectures in his final two terms.


Successful theatre roles led to television and film work before, in January 2009 it was announced that he had been cast as The Eleventh Doctor, which launched him into the public eye even before a single script had been prepared for his 2010 season, filming of which would not begin until August, 2009. A star was born long before, but now it went supernova.

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